Make it your own T-shirt image

Add the personal touch with a customized dog activity or rescued dog T-shirt or bumper sticker. These colorful dog designs have a free form field where you can replace the text shown with your own. Some have a place for your dog's photo. Personalize this dog-lover apparel or customize the design on t-shirts, sweatshirts and more.

Customizable Agility T-shirts, Stickers and Mugs
Gifts to celebrate the sport of dog agility

Breed specific
Gifts for dog breed lovers
Rescued Dogs
Gifts for shelter and rescued dog lovers
Apparel and Gifts for Therapy Dog handlers
Gifts to celebrate the therapy dog
Dock Jumping
Apparel and gifts for dock jumping enthusiasts
Flyball gifts and clothing for flyball fun
Canine SAR
K-9 search and rescue apparel
Disc Dog
Gifts for the Disc Dog Fan
Create a Title Bumper Sticker

Customize   Create an agility title bumper sticker
Instead of scrolling through a long list of dog agility titles, just type it in.

Create a Title Button

Customize   Create an agility title button
Instead of scrolling through a long list of dog agility titles, just type it in.

Green Binder

Custom Binder Upload a picture of your dog, add your dog's name, and start your dog's personalized record book.. Here is how

Customize You Want Me to What?

Customize You want me to what?
The dog is giving a good look at that A-Frame and asking "You want me to what?" Customize this design by putting different words in the thought balloon, or keep it as it is.


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Rescue Dogs Rule Design

Customize   Your dog's photo and name on a Rescue Dogs Rule tee shirt
Before you start find a good photo of your dog. The best one will be with a lot of focus on the dog, and where the photo has not been trimmed. The photo frame is designed for an uncropped digital photograph.

  My Personal Trainer
Rescue Dogs Rule Shirt This "Rescue Dogs Rule - Adopt a Rescue Dog Today" design is displayed on one kind of T-shirt, but you can select from many others, add text or your own dog's pictgure to customize the design.

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